Wisecrack is a North East based-production company that produces work to make you think, and laugh! Working class history is not documented, so we try our best to help in a little way. 

Friends of Wisecrack

Following the success of the Joe Wilson Nights in 2016 and 2017, we'll be touring a brand new production with music by the Bard of Tyneside himself. [READ MORE]

Ned Corvan: the first North East professional singer/songwriter.  A play with music. The funny, tragic, but inspirational times of Ned set to 20 of his brilliant songs.[READ MORE]

Harry Clasper. A former Durham miner who won the world rowing championship eight times and designed the rowing boats used today in the Olympics. Hadaway Harry recalls that first incredible victory of 1845 when the Geordie underdogs went to London and defeated the "unbeatable" Thamesmen. It caused a national sensation. [READ MORE]

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