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Wisecrack is a North East based-production company that produces work to make you think, and laugh! Working class history is not documented, so we try our best to help in a little way. 

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The Great

(Past Event: NOVEMBER 2019)

Following the successes of Mr Corvan's Music Hall, The Great Joe Wilson, Hadaway Harry and Carrying David  plus three fantastic Great Joe Wilson Nights, this brilliant show from Wisecrack Productions features classic songs from Alan Hull, Joe Wilson, Ned Corvan, Geordie Ridley, Billy Mitchell, Judy Dinning, Tommy Armstrong, Alex Glasgow,  Johnny Handle and Pete Scott.


Starring some of the region's biggest theatre stars: Micky Cochrane, Sarah Boulter and Jamie Brown (all The Great Joe Wilson) with top musicians Rachael McShane (Mr Corvan's Music Hall, Rachael McShane & The Cartographers and Bellowhead) and Jordan Miller (The Great Joe Wilson,  Vandebilt  & The Lake Poets).

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